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Canada Homes for Sale - Owner Income Calculator For Buyer | For Seller
Income and Wage Calculator

For Canada Home owner and home buyer, this is a calculator to find out what is your actual income and hourly wages after all your work related expenses. You will find out how much you are actually earning and how long will take you to paid off a loan, or a home mortgage.

NOTE: Be sure to enter "0" (zero) in any entry boxes that don't apply to you. Also be sure that only numbers and decimal points are entered into the fields (dollar signs and other non-numeric characters will cause a JavaScript error).

Take Home Pay
Take home pay, plus estimated value of benefits package, per pay period: $
Number of pay periods per year: #
Time Allocated to Work
Number of work days per pay period: #
Number of paid work hours per workday: #
Minutes of unpaid breaks per workday: #
Minutes of work-related commute time per work day: #
Minutes spent getting ready for work per work day: #
Unreimbursed, Work-Related Expenses
Number of work-related miles you drive your car per work day: #
Other work-related transportation costs per work day: $
Your share of daycare expenses per pay period: $
Dining out expense per workday: $
Unreimbursed work-related clothing expenses per month: $
Union Dues per pay period: $
Office gifts per month: $
Monthly Take Home:
Monthly Work-Related Expenses:
Monthly Net-Profit:

Monthly Work-Related Hours:
Real Hourly Wage:

Money to Time Conversion:
Enter the purchase price of any item:
Be sure to include sales-tax and any finance charges that might apply.
Based on your Real Hourly Wage, this is how many hours you
will have to allocate to working in order to pay for the
above purchase price (Hope you enjoy your work!):
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